14 Facets

14 Facets 114 Facets 2  14 Facets 3

14 dished facets on
a 10mm-8mm eclipsed cuff
16.5 c 24 gr 10-8mm w
$250.00    SOLD

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Antique Jet

Antique Jet 1Antique Jet 2  

Antique Jet braclet
set in 1mm bazel
170cm c 26g 6mm w
$200.00 SOLD

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Bumped Cuff

Bumped Cuff 1Bumped Cuff 2  

Fold formed and tooled
ultra comfortable
37 gr 17cm c 19mm w
$ 170.00
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Crushed Cuff

Crushed Cuff 1Crushed Cuff 2  

Light weigh and stunning
16 gr 16.5cm c 11mm w

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David's Cuff

Davids Cuff 1Davids Cuff 2  Davids Cuff 3

Heavy mens tooled and
overlay on 15ga 925
39gr 17.5cm c 13mm w
$200.00 SOLD

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Domed Cuff

Domed Cuff 1Domed Cuff 2 

Offset domed overlay
on oxidized silver
20 gr. 15.5cm c 9mm w
$ 140.00

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Facets & Bars

Facets And Bars 1Facets And Bars 2  Facets And Bars 3

14 bars and facets on
a 10mm-7mm ecliped cuff
23gr 17cm c 10-7mm w

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Hammered 1Hammered 2  Hammered 3

Fold formed and tooled
ultra comfortable
24.5gr 17cm c 15mm w
$ 155.00

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Leather Overlay

Leather Overlay 1Leather Overlay 2  

Tooled and polsihed
21.5 16.5 cm c 9mm w
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Mundo 1Mundo 2  Mundo 3

Mens heavy Cuddle cast
and overlay
38.5gr 18cm c 13mm w

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Single Amethyst

Single Amrthys 1Single Amrthys 2  Single Amrthys 3

7mm Amethsyt Cabochon
Oxidized silver with
satin overylay
22gr 16.5cm c 10mm w
$ 175.00

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Rough Turquoise

Rough Turquoise 1Rough Turquoise 2  Rough Turquoise 3

Quadrilateral shaped
Roller finish with 3
rough turquiose stones
26.5gr 16cm c 11-8mm w
$ 160.00

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Satin Leather

Satin Leathr 1Satin Leathr 2  

Tooled and brushed
21gr 16.5 cm c 9mm w

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Silver, Silver & Silver

Silver Silver and Silver 1Silver Silver and Silver 2

Three piece overlay with
silver ingot
25.5 g 16cm c 9mm w
$175.00  SOLD

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Sodalite 1Sodalite 2  Sodalite 3

Purple Mexican Sodalite
drop . Overlayed dome
23.5 gr 17 cm c 10mm w

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Straw Cuff

Straw Cuff 1Straw Cuff 2  Straw Cuff 3

Fold formed and tooled
ultra comfortable
36 gr 17cm c 20mm w
$ 170.00

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Splined Cuff

Splined Cuff 1Splined Cuff 2

Fold formed and tooled
ultra comfortable
38 gr 17cm c 20mm w
$ 170.00 SOLD

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Wire Cuff

Wire Cuff 1Wire Cuff 2

Twisted wire rolled
Tradional design
25gr 17 cm c 10cmm w
Custom design SOLD

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Two Amethyst

Two Amethyst 1Two Amethyst 2  Twp Amethyst 3

Two 7mm Amethsyt Cabochons
Oxidized silver with
polished overylay
27gr 16.5cm c 12mm w
$ 220.00

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Tapped 1Tapped 2  Tapped 3

Fold formed and tooled
ultra comfortable
26.8gr 16.5cm c 15mm w
$ 155.00   SOLD

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Swirled Bangle

Swirled Bangle 1Swirled Bangle 2  Swirled Bangle 3

3 dome overlays off
center on oxidized cuff
23.75gr 16.5cm c 9mm w
$ 175.00

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Sweetgrass 1Sweetgrass 2  Sweetgrass 3

Offset overlays with
on tooled cuff
22gr 16.5cm c 9mm w
$ 150.00 

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Garnet Cabochon

Garnet Cabochon 1Garnet Cabochon 2

6mm Garnet offset with
overlay and tooling
$170.00 SOLD

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