Brown Turquoise

Brown Turquoise 1Brown Turquoise 2

35mm x 20mm quality
Arizona stone. Pronged
and aged finish $225.00
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Pyrite Turquoise

Pyrite Turquoise 1Pyrite Turquoise 2

Natural Turquiose & Pyrite
Prong set Mexican Stone
$175.00  SOLD
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Pronged Turquoise

Pronged Turquoise 1Pronged Turquoise 2

Quality Airzona Turquoise
Prong set in etched and
tooled silver $ 175.00
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Pink Topaz

Pink Topaz 1Pink Topaz 2

Motlen formed silver
drop with 6 mm pink
Topaz $125.00 SOLD
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Darken folded disk 1Darken folded disk 2

Darken folded disk
with Arizona Turquiose
$ 90.00
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Lapis Ingot

Lapis Ingot 1Lapis Ingot 2

30mm x 18mm 26 gr.
Poured as an ingot
Lapis from India
$ 200.00
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Framed Turquoise

Framed Turquoise 1Framed Turquoise 2

23mm X 28mm Cast Silver
encaseing a gold
flecked Mexican stone
$ 165.00
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Domed Turquoise

Domed Turquoise 1Domed Turquoise 2

Mexican Turquiose with
flecked pyrite
$125.00 SOLD
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Folded Medallion

Folded medallion 1Folded medallion 2

Folded medallion
with Orange Catseye
$ 90.00
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Crystal Holder

Crystal Holder 1Crystal Holder 2

Silver holder made to
open to exhange antique
marbles and crystals
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Cast Opals

Cast Opals 1Cast Opals 2

Cast silver around
repurposed vintage opals
$150.00 SOLD
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Amber Pendant

Amber Pendant 1Amber Pendant 2

Clear amber pronged
onto a window.
Custom order SOLD
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Silver Moon

Silver Moon 1Silver Moon 2

Overlayed Silver Moon
medallion 25mm dia.
Custom Order  SOLD
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Striped Amber

Striped Amber 1Striped Amber 2

28mm X 40mm Stunning
striped Amber. Box set.
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